Page 9 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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through  hand  written  notes  or  thank  you   While  we  have  built  our  own  platform,  which
               emails  the  following  day  or  simply  changing   has  helped  take  80%  of  our  orders  per  day,  we
               our  offerings  weekly  to  keep  guests  engaged.  still  remain  on  all  the  major  platforms  as  well.
                                                           This  is  mostly  so  that  diners  can  find  us  easily.
               How  is  the  restaurant  coping  with  operating
               expenses  -  overheads,  rentals,  delivery  cost,   I  would  100%  recommend  for  everyone  to  build
               packaging,  employee  welfare,  salaries  and   their  own  and  invest  in  their  own  infrastructure
               benefits?  How  much  has  the  three  Budgets   and  market  the  heck  out  of  it.  We  foresee
               (Resilience,  Unity  and  Solidarity)  helped  for   this  being  an  asset  to  us  even  post  COVID-19.  COVID-19 + RESTAURANT
                                                           What  are  the  restaurant’s  plans  moving
               We  are  extremely  fortunate  to  be  operating  a   forward?  Have  there  been  any  challenges
               restaurant  in  Singapore.    We  are  originally  from   adjusting  to  the  situation  now,  and  how  did
               New  York  and  when  we  talk  to  our  friends  and   you get through or resolve the issue? What did
               colleges  back  there,  they  don’t  have  a  lifeline.   you  and  the  team  learn  from  the  experience?

               The government support has been a life raft that   I  believe  as  a  restaurant,  we  will  need
               has not only helped us to keep our doors open, but   to  be  proficient  in  both  dine-in  culture
               also keep our staff employed.  Obviously with the   and   at-home   services   moving   forward.
               reduced operations and revenue, some of our staff
               have  opted  for  shorter  working  hours  and  slight   I think we are most proud of our “Cook at Home”
               temporary pay reductions, but we have put together   pasta options and “Bake at Home” lasagne packs.
               grocery packages at our expense for them to take   These  have  had  amazing  feedback  and  we  love
               home weekly to help offset some of their needs.    how  guests  have  had  so  much  fun  preparing
                                                           these at home.  It is heart-warming to see people
               We were also very lucky to have a landlord who   cook our food and send videos and photos to us.
               was proactive and supportive in our needs to assist   When it comes to the staff, I think I’ve learned the
               us  to  get  through  this  period.    This  is  certainly   most about them during this time.  The way they
               not  something  I  can  say  about  all  landlords.  have stepped  up  and  never say no  to  anything
                                                           has  made  me  incredibly  proud.    You  really  see
               How  do  you  feel  about  delivery  platforms  who   what  people  are  made  of  in  times  of  crisis.
               are  currently  working  together  with  restaurants
               to  help  deliver  food  all  over  Singapore?  Are   Some  establishments  are  using  the  hashtag
               there  aspects  where  they  can  do  better?   #savefnbsg  in  social  media  during  this  time
                                                           to  document  and  motivate  people  to  support
               I have always felt that these platforms are best as a   the  FnB  industry.  Do  you  think  a  hashtag
               marketing tool rather than a way to get your food to   like  this  is  a  good  way  of  Singaporeans
               your guests.  A lot has been said about the fees they   understanding  the  plight  or  situation  that
               charge and I think if you are reliant solely on them,   are  befalling  FnB  operators  in  Singapore?
               business is unsustainable.  My wife (and business
               partner) taught herself how to build our in house   The  coalition  put  together  under  #savefnbsg
               delivery platform in one day and we worked quickly   has  been  incredibly  helpful  for  the  industry  and
               to set up our own infrastructure to deal with this.   we  are  grateful  to  those  who  have  organized
                                                           and  mobilized  under  this  hashtag.  The  hashtag
               Of course these platforms could do better but like   has  created  a  unity  around  Singapore’s  F&B,
               everything in business, if you wait for someone to   both  on  the  industry  level  and  customer  level.
               do  something  for  you,  you  are  already  too  late.
                                                           The  F&B  industry  was  tasked  to  become  more
               If you are currently using (a) delivery platform(s),   sustainable  and  eco-friendly  in  their  menus
               what have you been using? Can you rate them based   before the virus. Now, is this challenge becoming
               on delivery, efficiency, costs? Are there any other   more  difficult  with  the  use  of  packaging  and
               factors that you want to include during this time?  utensils for takeaway? Does sustainability take a
                                                           backseat with this pandemic and is it justifiable?

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