Page 8 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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               Pasta Bar                                                    image source: Mr Joshua Schwartz

               Joshua Schwartz, Founder & Managing Director,

               SJS Group, Singapore

               What  was  the  first  thing  that  ran  through  your   We were looking  at what was happening  in  the
               minds  when  you  first  heard  of  the  measures   rest of Asia and had a pretty good idea that these
               taken  to  curb  the  virus  e.g.  social  distance,   measures  would  eventually  come  to  Singapore.
               circuit  breakers?  Why  did  you  feel  that  way?
                                                           How   has   your   business   been   affected
               In  all  frankness  we  were  expecting  this  and   since  the  measures  were  put  in  place?
               planning for it since February.  Being that we also
               have entertainment venues in LuLu’s Lounge and   We have had to adapt.  It is difficult because as a
               Bang  Bang  Nightclub,  we  were  among  the  first   restaurant you put a lot of effort and energy into
               who  started  to  enforce  QSR  forms  for  contact   the  entire  experience  of  dining.    It  is  more  than
               tracing, temperature checks for all staff and guests   just  the  food  on  the  plate.  It’s  about  the  music
               and  improved  hygiene  and  cleaning  measures.   you play, the level of lighting available, the service
               At  the  restaurant,  even  before  the  social   given  and  the  notion  that  the  guest  is  a  part  of
               distancing measures  began,  we  worked to   some form of community when they dine with you.
               create  our  own  in-house  delivery  platform,   We  have  had  to look at how we  can try
               hire  drivers  and  create  DIY  at  home  pasta  kits.    to  personalize our  delivery now, whether
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