Page 6 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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               How  do  you  feel  about  delivery  platforms  who   providing  them  with  our  personalised  service.
               are  currently  working  together  with  restaurants
               to  help  deliver  food  all  over  Singapore?  Are   We  are  currently  striving  to  bring  the  Sicilian
               there  aspects  where  they  can  do  better?   experience  and  hospitality  to  the  comfort  of  our
                                                           guests’ home. During this unusual period, we have
               Delivery  platforms  provide  great  benefits  to  F&B   come to understand the importance of e-commerce.
               partners,  such  as  the  size  of  the  market  they
               cater  to  and  the  efficiency  of  ordering  and  of   Do  you  think  the  elements  of  how  some
               customer  management;  however  they  are  now   restaurants  are  operating  at  the  moment
               monopolising  the current market and  they are   will  become  the  norm  in  the  future?
               taking  a  big  chunk  of  the  restaurants’  profits.
                                                           The  current  situation  has  brought  many  changes
               Hence,  we  have  decided  to  opt  out  of  these   to the way restaurants (and companies in general)
               delivery  platforms  and  we  have  organized   operate. We are learning new ways to operate our
               and  set  up  our  own  delivery  platform  through   business, even when dining-in is not allowed. We
               our  website.  In  addition,  we  are  collaborating   have set up  and  improved our delivery services
               with  local  taxi  drivers  to  provide  some  sort  of   and this is something we will keep doing. However,
               support  to  them  as  well  during  this  period.  we  think  that  this  new  operating  procedure  will
                                                           not be the norm, because, at the end of the day,
               What  are  the  restaurant’s  plans  moving   the experience  restaurants provide is  at its  best
               forward?  Have  there  been  any  challenges   on  site  and  we  look  forward  to  being  able  to
               adjusting  to  the  situation  now,  and  how  did   see  our guests enjoying their dining  experience
               you get through or resolve the issue? What did   with  us  and  in  the  environment  we  provide.
               you  and  the  team  learn  from  the  experience?
                                                           Some  establishments  are  using  the  hashtag
               We  are  taking  this  time  for  Research  &   #savefnbsg  in  social  media  during  this  time
               Development, constantly  improving  ourselves,   to  document  and  motivate  people  to  support
               looking  forward  to  bringing  an  enhanced  dining   the  F&B  industry.  Do  you  think  a  hashtag
               experience  to  our  customers.  Being  in  the   like  this  is  a  good  way  of  Singaporeans
               hospitality business,  what we  miss the most is   understanding  the  plight  or  situation  that
               to  personally  meet and  serve our  guests, while   are  befalling  F&B  operators  in  Singapore?
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