Page 5 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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image source: WGS 2019, Chef  Giovanni Mannino (left) & Chef Kenneth Oh (right)            COVID-19 + RESTAURANT

               Ristorante Di Mare

               Chef Giovanni Mannino, Chef-Owner &

               Chef Kenneth Oh, Chef Patron

               What  was  the  first  thing  that  ran  through  your   affected.  We  are  making  only  30%  of  our  usual
               minds  when  you  first  heard  of  the  measures   revenues.
               taken  to  curb  the  virus  e.g.  social  distance,
               circuit  breakers?  Why  did  you  feel  that  way?   How  is  the  restaurant  coping  with  operating
                                                           expenses  -  overheads,  rentals,  delivery  cost,
               We were saddened  to see  how rapidly  the virus   packaging,  employee  welfare,  salaries  and
               was spreading  and  to  realise  that we would  not   benefits?  How  much  has  the  three  Budgets
               be  able  to  continue  doing  what  we  love  during   (Resilience,  Unity  and  Solidarity)  helped  for
               this  uncertain  time.  The  relationship  between   assistance?
               us and  our customers,  our customer  service,
               our  communication,  everything  had  to  be   We feel very lucky to be in Singapore, having the
               revised  and  adapted  to  the  new  circumstances.   support of the government to relieve part of the
                                                           financial burden, which allowed us to retain our staff.
               How  has  your  business  been  affected  since  the   During this time of uncertainty, we are not looking
               measures were put in place?                 to make profit but to keep the restaurant in business
                                                           and  most  importantly  to  keep  morale  high.  Our
               Our business, like most others, has been severely   team will get through this difficult time together.
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