Page 7 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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We believe the hashtag #savefnbsg has the function                                        COVID-19 + RESTAURANT
               of creating awareness in the community through the
               social media. We think this movement is bringing   Stay strong! The storm
               motivation and hope to struggling F&B operators.

               The  F&B  industry  was  tasked  to  become  more   will not last forever
               sustainable  and  eco-friendly  in  their  menus
               before the virus. Now, is this challenge becoming
               more  difficult  with  the  use  of  packaging  and   and what we are going
               utensils for takeaway? Does sustainability take a
               backseat with this pandemic and is it justifiable?   through can only make

               We think that restaurants are more careful when
               sourcing  produce,  due  to  the  disruption  in  the   us stronger!
               international  shipments,  especially  in  Singapore.
               Therefore,  more  chefs  are  making  use  of  all
               products  as  best  as  they  can  to  reduce  wastage.
               Packaging-wise, at the current time, sustainability
               does take a bit of a backseat also because supply of
               eco-friendly packaging is limited, given the amount
               of  companies  that  have  resorted  to  delivery.

               However, there are some customers who are doing
               their part in bringing their own recyclable takeaway
               boxes.  Some  companies  are  being  innovative
               by  creating  eco-friendly  packaging  as  well.

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               At  Gattopardo,  we  have  always  prided  ourselves     FROM GATTOPARDO
               for  using  sustainable  produce  and  we  will
               always  do  our  best  to  continue  in  this  direction.

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