Page 10 - CWA COVID-19 Coverage Restaurant Edition Part 1
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I  do  believe  this  has  become  a  much  greater
       疫       challenge  in  the  current  situation.    There  was
               a period early  on in  the circuit breaker  where
       起       many  F&B  outlets  were  afraid  they  weren’t  able
               to  get  any  takeaway  packaging.    As  much  as  I

       面       would  love to be sustainable,  my immediate
               goal  is  to  get  my  business,  my  staff  and  myself
               through this crisis.  If a cost-effective and available
       对       sustainable option is there, we’ll certainly take it.

               Keep  pushing  with everything

               at your disposal and every bit

               of life you have.  This was never

               an easy business and now it just

               got 100 times more difficult.

               Don’t be afraid to innovate,

               create, and ask for help from
               anyone who will listen.

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                             FROM PASTA BAR


               Finest Persian Cuisine

               Puneet Agarwal, CEO & President,

               Eclectique F&B Concepts                                      image source: Mr Puneet Agarwal

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