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Seafood Hunt In The Barracks

Stripped from the stigma of just an artsy fatsy place, Gillman Barracks has welcomed their new restaurant member to bring in the hypes. The Naked Finn serves you seafood in its purest form with catches from around the world. One...


Fish Specialty Restaurant Offers New Menu

Quite like Singapore’s fish soup with milk added into it, Bangus Specialty Restaurant, set up by two sisters decided that milkfish would be a hit in the 1970s. Bangus literally means milkfish in Tagalog which the sisters offer a variety...


Chef Gaston Acurio To Share Peruvian Cuisine In United States

Chef Acurio has over 40 restaurants across the world with his flagship restaurant, Astrid&Gastón ranking 14 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013. He will be opening a new restaurant, La Mar, at Miami’s Mandarin Oriental in February 2014, bringing...


Chef Cooks All The Way In Antarctica

We are all probably used to having our Christmas feast somewhere near a radiator or a fireplace to keep us warm, but this chef challenges the cold. Chef Justin Chambers is the only chef at Mawson Station in Antarctica to...


Should There Be A Michelin Guide?

Having a means to gauge the standards of your own capabilities can be a good thing, but if it handicaps your senses, leaving with only competitiveness and nothing else, it might not be a good thing after all. Joel Robuchon...


Rising Costs Closing Restaurants Down?

As the economy changes, not only are the consumers affected, even restaurant or food stalls owners are faced with rising costs, challenging their ability to survive. We have heard of some stalls closing down due to unreasonable price hike in...