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Bon-Bon Restaurant Gains Second Michelin Star

Belgium’s restaurants are gaining more Michelin stars as compared to other European cities like Rome and Milan, and with the arrival of the second Michelin star upon Bon-Bon, Belgium will have 18 Michelin-starred restaurants as of November. Chef Christophe Hardiquest...


Chow On Pak Loh Chiu Chow

It is always fascinating to know that even as a Chinese, we may all be speaking different languages in the sense of speaking different dialects. One of the difficulties in identifying the origins of Chinese delicacy comes from the fact...


Korean Chef Skilled In Many Cuisines But Ace In Mediterranean Cuisine

Pick a pita at Pikapita with freshly made pitas available for takeaway by in-house chef and co-owner, Chef Jaeho Kim. Chef Kim has worked in South Korea and Japan for eight years in totality but has always had that special...


Lawyer Turned Chef Now A Celebrity

It is not a new piece of information to many with the mention of his name that he was once a lawyer. Chef Willin Low, owner of Wild Rocket, Wild Oats and Relish has notified the public of his plans...


After Michelin Stars Awarded And Removed, chef regains confidence

Chef Philippe Orrico has made his way to Hong Kong after years of training in Europe. Although a country with a bad memory for him, he has decided to start afresh in Hong Kong with his newly opened bistro, Upper....


Tested And Voted. Top 3 Condiments To Spice Things Up

As with the author, the name ‘giardiniera’ has not crossed our minds. With its origins from Italy, the term refers to simply pickled vegetables in vinegar or oil. Used in Chicago, giardiniera serves as a condiment for their cuisine and...