A Modern French Affair at Elan!

A Modern French Affair at Elan! At Orchard Road, a restaurant located in a secluded stretch of road between Shaw Centre and Pacific Plaza is Elan, which touts itself as a restaurant with “approachable Modern French cuisine sprinkled with Asian touches.” It’s the newest restaurant launched by the Les Amis Group and, at its stronghold at Shaw Centre, it fills a niche for those looking for affordable French cuisine at a more casual, less formal affair. It’s the restaurant for those looking for a little peace away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, and it’s a joy.

Everything about this restaurant exudes a classic charm, down to the French Bulldog that sits as a part of the logo and brand. That doesn’t mean the quality of the food is reduced: every element of the restaurant experience, from the choice of ingredients used, to the techniques presented under the helm of Chef de Cuisine Peter Teo. Along with the leadership of Restaurant Director Mr Philippe Pau, a Frenchman, Chef Teo and his team are leading elan to fill the needs of the people looking for a less intimidating space to eat and drink. And it shows in the service and food: Chef Teo presents an elegant twist to the food he makes.

Every dish has an element of spring to its flavour palate, whether it be foie gras and chocolate jellified and accentuated with fronds of spring, to kampong chicken that’s been raised on pineapple chunks and served with rice similar to the style of Hainanese Chicken rice, the result is light, nostalgic and a delight.