Martell Noblige Launches in Singapore: Be The Standout Swift When You Taste It!

Martell Noblige Launches in Singapore: Be The Standout Swift When You Taste It! To celebrate the launch of Martell’s newest cognac, Noblige, and showcase just how the brand’s newest launch is versatile to be made into cocktails that showcase bitter, smoky, sweet, salty and other wonderful flavours, Martell organised a Standout Swift Yacht Experience, which took people of the media around the Marina of Singapore in a yacht luxurious enough for many to envision a European sailing holiday around the island of Singapore.

The experience is a part of the “Be The Standout Swift” campaign, with Martell calling the Noblige a statement-making cognac, the “standout swift” of the VSOP category that transcends age to appeal to a modern mindset. Unusually complex for a Very Superior Old Pale (VSOP), it features a blend of more than 100 eaux-de-vie from the finest terroirs in the Cognac region, and highlights the woody quality typical of old eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois terroir. With notes of pear and prune, caramelised grape, woody notes like myrrh, cedar and fine-grained oak, the taste of caramel, molasses, dried fruit and bitter chocolate giving way to the round, generous sensuality of the warm sophistication of wood and spice finish makes for a great drink by itself, or as a base for exceptional cocktails. Members of the media got to enjoy the cognac by itself, with some commenting on just how easy it was to drink by itself, and had the chance to try some cocktails that included elements of flavours such as matcha, cinnamon, lemongrass, and others.

“With the Martell Noblige, we are appealing to a new generation of cognac lovers,” says Jacques Menier,Martell Heritage Director. “The cognac market is changing rapidly. Up until the 1990s, cognac was my father’s drink and was perceived to be old-fashioned. But this has been changing since the mid-2000s. These days, you drink something because you like the taste, and younger people are discovering that they have a taste for cognac.”

"There is a certain elegance and an element of indulgence about Martell Noblige,” adds Christophe Valtaud, Martell’s cellar master. “It is truly an exceptional VSOP.” 

 To find that out for yourself, here’s something fun for you to try! From 4 October to 31 December 2021, take the chance to experience unique cocktails crafted specially for Martell Noblige by over 10 of Singapore’s most recognised bars! The bars include Nemesis, No Sleep Club, The Secret Mermaid and Capital Kitchen. A Swift Flights of Fancy Tour microsite offers an interactive neon map that highlights partner bars and their exclusive Martell Noblige menus. Visit it to not just get a full list of bars that will be showcasing Martell inspired cocktails, but also to stand a chance and win Martell prizes including:

- Martell Noblige 70cl bottle
- Exclusive Martell branded items
- Apple products
Additionally, limited-edition Swift Party Packs offer a taste of the Standout Swift lifestyle at home, orwherever you may want to imbibe. Martell Noblige is bundled with exclusive merchandise such as Martell gold shakers, Martell cognac stones and Martell coasters. The Swift Party Deluxe Pack retails for $268 and is limited to 250 sets, while the Swift Party Pack retails for $145 and is limited to 150 sets. It’s been available from 15 September, only on Shopee.

The Martell Noblige is available in entertainment outlets such as Zouk, KPO and Harry’s bars, as well as in fine supermarkets such as Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, Giant and more.

Martell Noblige