Experience Creation With The Balvenie and The Makers!

Experience Creation With The Balvenie and The Makers! Make use of your five senses with this newest exhibition held in the Singapore ArtScience Museum, organised by The Balvenie. The Makers Project, the first exhibition of it's kind featuring art pieces from six Southeast Asian artists, will be held from 26th November to 5 December onwards.

These artists, who hail from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines, are inspired by the craftsmen behind the Five Rare Crafts that The Balvenie distillery maintains in its whisky-making process.

The exhibition will bring guests on a sensory journey that brings to life the passion and love from each of the Makers behind the Five Rare Crafts to life – from the farmers of the homegrown barley fields, the malt men who manage the malting floors, the coppers at the cooperage, the coppersmiths and Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, a pioneer of whisky making, who has spent close to six decades honing his craft.

The partnership with the Makers is founded upon the shared passion of the creative process, as well as the time and focus that goes into creating something extraordinary. The Makers have elevated their natural talent into groundbreaking work by pouring their passion, personality, and heart into everything they create while embodying The Balvenie’s true spirit of craftsmanship.

“At The Balvenie, we are continually striving to collaborate with like-minded people who share our passion to create the extraordinary and our partnership with various Makers across Southeast Asia is testament to this,”says Mr Brett Bayly, Regional Brand Ambassador for The Balvenie in Southeast Asia.   “We hope that this specially curated exhibition will not only allow our guests to immerse themselves in the world of the brand to get closer to The Balvenie Makers and our five rare crafts, but also develop a new sense of whisky appreciation, and truly understand what it means to be ‘made by heart’.

“Our Makers are extraordinary creators, artists, and craftsmen in their own right. Just like the craftspeople at the distillery, they each have a unique story to tell, and I’m thrilled to see these stories ufold through our year-long series of activities that celebrate them and The Balvenie.”

The Makers Project is at the ArtScience Museum from 26 Nov to 5 Dec. Tickets are priced at $28 and include two drams of The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The first 100 Cuisine and Wine Asia readers get $8 off when they book tickets using the code - CWA8OFF
Book now: https://bit.ly/themakersprojectsg. For more details, follow @TheBalvenieSEA on Instagram