Phase 3 Heightened Alert Begins as Phase 2 Wanes

Phase 3 Heightened Alert Begins as Phase 2 Wanes As Phase 2 Heightened Alert draws to a close, the government has issued announcements about reopening Singapore back to Phase 3 options, albeit with Heightened Alert caveats. 

This means that while gatherings of up to 5 are now allowed, F&B establishments are not able to open for dining in until June 21st. Working from home measures are still the default, and vaccinations for those ages 12-39 are now available for registration. 

F&B establishments, we are not in the clear yet, but what is happening is a good sign, and means that we are on track to get Singapore back into the groove of living with the disease. 

This, however, means that delivery and takeaway options are still going to be the norm for many restaurants, so if you are currently safe at home, take the opportunity and order something for you to enjoy, especially since Father's Day is coming up! 

For a full list of what you can and can't do, please go to