Farm To Table Mother’s Day with Open Farm Community!

Farm To Table Mother’s Day with Open Farm Community! Mothers’ Day is happening this Sunday! If you still haven’t had a chance to give your mother the perfect gift yet, why not get her a three course meal from Open Farm Community!

The team has curated a three-course meal for you and your mothers or parental figures, complete with cake and wine! These courses include some of the dishes Open Farm Community is best known for, including  Duck Rilette,  Roast Spatchcock, and their dessert: a white chocolate and rosemary cake decorated with one of their signature donuts set amongst edible flowers. It’s a three course meal that’s almost too pretty to indulge in!

If you’re looking for a cooking activity to do, purchase a pre-packaged kit from Open Farm Community, which can range from a kit full of “ugly” vegetables and fruit, or even a pre-packaged DIY Carbon- Neutral Beef Bolognese pasta kit, and cook with your parental figures this  Sunday!

These are all available in Open Farm Community’s own website. Go to for more information!