Amarone Monte Olmi 2013 Not In Production!

by Clover Ng @ 13 Nov 2013
Amarone Monte Olmi 2013 Not In Production! Breaking news from Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo Tedeschi. Amarone Monte Olmi 2013, the flagship of the estate will not be in production due to an unforeseen hail storm on 25th August that hit the region of Verona. The area of Pedemonte was severly hit and coincidentally, the vineyard for the famous Amarone is located in the same area. In order to live up the name built up and to preserve the quality of the wines, the Tedeschi Brothers have decided not to use the grapes affected by the hail storm. Perhaps it is this insistence that has put their wines on the ‘top of the shelves’. With the dedication placed on selecting only the best grapes for their wines.Mi