Meadesmoore: A Vibrant Steakhouse for the Adventurous

Meadesmoore: A Vibrant Steakhouse for the Adventurous Meadesmoore, formerly known as Fat Belly Social Steakhouse, is showcasing a menu that focuses on good flavours, secondary cuts, and inculcating an adventurous palate. The result is, as always, a tribute to the grand old steakhouses of yore while still showcasing a modern sensibility that will attract more than the usual crowd of meat lovers.

Helmed by Executive Chef Victor Loy, Meadesmoore’s whole philosophy includes sourcing beef from premium producers around the world, while tapping into the mindful contemporary global diner’s adventurous palate and desire to understand the provenance of what we eat.
The restaurant recently opened its doors to media guests to not just explore the new offerings Meadesmoore has to offer, but also showcase a workshop led by Chef Loy to explore fascinating cuts of meat that may not be known to many meat lovers.

This includes cuts such as the flat iron steak, the rib cap, the Zabuton, and the Onglet, known as the chef’s cut of beef because it’s more often than not the cut of meat that the chef would have because the rest of the favoured cuts have been taken. Sourced from a community of premium producers in Australia, Spain, and the US, Chef Loy is taking the time to make sure more people know more about these cuts of meats. More plans are in the works to curate a workshop like this for more people in the future.

Guests ended off the evening with a Spanish Galician Vintage MS 2/3 Prime Rib, from a cow that’s at least 60 months old, with sides such as their special Spinach salad, their Gratinated mac & cheese, and their Maitake mushrooms, as well as two great desserts like the Eton Mess and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!

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