Yummy Bros Newest Members of Meal Subscription Services in Singapore

 Yummy Bros Newest Members of Meal Subscription Services in Singapore Meal subscription services welcomes Yummy Bros, a local meal prep start up that touts itself as the service that makes, “getting fit fun with a wide variety of food that tantalises your tastebuds without torturing your body.” Run by founders who also happen to be gym bros, the service was invented to match up a decent nutritional meal prep that was worth the money and delicious. As a home-based meal prep delivery service. Yummy Bros aims to help their customers, typically fitness enthusiasts and middle-class executives, enjoy their diets.

How much of a nutritional aspect is involved in Yummy Bros? On the Yummy Bros’ website, an automated calorie calculator tells you exactly how many calories, fats, carbs, protein and sodium with each meal you order. From healthy Nasi Lemak to Low-Fat Beef Rendang or to even Kung POW chicken, Yummy Bros regularly updates their meal prep menu on a monthly basis with new healthy twists on popular street food. Every item is packed with a nutritious punch and low on calories while tasty to keep you motivated on your fitness journey, and the menu includes everything from full-course meals, soup-errrr delicious soup, congee options, protein bowls, and even packaged “brotein” - spiced meats good to eat on their own or with your carb of choice. 

We were sent two meal prep dishes to try that are available on the site: Spicy Chicken Lemak and Yummy Beef Rendang, which can be customizable with different carbs, vegetables, or even no carbs at all! Both meals were filling and delicious, while still feeling extra healthy and nutritious!

Each meal prep averages out at an affordable SGD$7 - $9 with many other customisable options and add-ons available, making it an absolute “bang-for-buck” meal prep experience.
For a limited time, Yummy Bros is offering a first-timer promo of $15 OFF first order with the code: IWANNABEYUMMY21
*T&Cs apply
  • Expires 30th September 2021
  • Min. order $50 only
  • Valid for new Yummy Bros customers only
  • Delivery fees apply
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other promos