Donate to Crackpot Kitchen and Help Them Rebuild!

 Donate to Crackpot Kitchen and Help Them Rebuild! Chef Nikita O’Skippings has always been passionate about Turks and Caicos Islands, whether it be cuisine or culture. His personality and drive has made him the Turks and Caicos Culinary Ambassador, bringing his love for food all over the world. This has included a visit in 2019 at the World Gourmet Summit, where he demonstrated his love for the cuisine and culture at Blue Lotus Alexandra Kitchen + Bar (now OPIO).

So it was to our great dismay and horror to learn that Chef O’Skippings’ beloved restaurant Crackpot Kitchen was engulfed in flames, a tragedy felt throughout the community of Turks and Caicos, and the wider world. But all is not lost. The Crackpot Kitchen Family have put together a fundraiser that will help the team rebuild from the ashes and become a stronger base of operations for tourism in the Caribbean Islands. The team at the World Gourmet Summit, which has worked with Chef O’Skippings and his team before, and therefore know how much they need help, has helped to donate money, but the team still needs help to reach their $60,000 goal.

So what can you do? You can learn more about the fundraiser at and donate whatever you can to help the Crackpot Kitchen Family at this time. If we as F&B industry professionals can help in donating in every bit possible, this will definitely help them as well as others learn more about the Crackpot Kitchen Family and the food in Turks and Caicos!