More March Promotions at the World Gourmet Summit!

More March Promotions at the World Gourmet Summit! Spring arrives in the scene and with that, more of March's restaurant promotions at the World Gourmet Summit.  Here are some of the restaurants that testify just how Act III of the WGS is a global extravaganza!

Punjab Grill

Dining at the award-winning Punjab Grill is a treat for diners looking to take a taste through India’s richly diverse Northwest Frontier Province, also known as the undivided Punjab region. Chef Javed Ahamad, who heads the kitchens at Punjab Grill, has elevated the tastes beloved by many into a menu that has made Punjab Grill the premier fine dining Indian restaurant it is. Under Chef Ahamad, Punjab Grill creates every dish with the finest of ingredients, with techniques comparable to those serving in the royal kitchens in India. The restaurant took Singapore’s culinary scene by storm when it opened in 2011 and has continued to grow from strength to strength since then.  

Date of restaurant promotion:  8 - 14 March 2020 | Sunday – Saturday | Lunch and Dinner Menu

The White Rabbit

Established in 2008, The White Rabbit serves up classic Europrean cuisine in an anachronstic world. Retaining its colonial heritage,  the old church is brought to new glory through beautifully-restored high beams, stained-glass windows and modern furnishings. Any diner that eats at The White Rabbit will be dazzled by the sophisticated award-winning wine list with a focus on boutique wines carefully sourced from across the globe. At The White Rabbit, every dish is delicate, balanced and thought out. Old dishes are taken to new heights with sumptuous ingredients and finesse.

Date of restaurant promotion: 15 – 21 March 2020 | Sunday – Saturday

Bar –Roque Grill

Bar-Roque Grill is a modern rotisserie and bar that is all about fun and togetherness. The French-inspired menu by Chef Stephane Istel is traditional yet innovative, featuring Chef’s rotisserie free-range chicken, crisp tart flambé, seafood platter, house-made and house-smoked charcuterie and “Mom’s” apple pie.  Look forward to Bar-Roque’s one-price Butchers’ Sunday special that resembles the "Sunday roast", as well as Chef Stephane's surprise daily specials.  The restaurant’s international cellar focuses on Alsace and New Zealand, and late-night revelers can enjoy artisanal cocktails and spirits with a delectable bar food menu.

Date of restaurant promotion: 22 March – 28 March 2020 | Sunday – Saturday

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