Podcasts for Wine Lovers!

Podcasts for Wine Lovers! image credits: Getty

If you’re into podcasts and wish to learn more about wines, let some of these podcasts educate and teach you more about wines beyond vintages and terroir!

The Color of Wine
The wine industry is a very Eurocentric one, with some of the best wines coming from countries like France, Italy and Germany. But wines are not just for the White Western culture. In The Color of Wine, each episode interviews a POC wine expert, with enlightening conversations about their journeys and how they got there, with people of Black, Latinx, Asian and other races talking about their careers and their journeys. It’s a fascinating conversation!

Wine For Normal People
Laymen on the streets may not know much about wine beyond, “ I like this.”  But Elizabeth Schneider, a wine industry professional and sommelier, is willing to talk about it while making it as accessible as possible for them.  This award-winning podcast dives into issues such as lesser-known wine regions, politics surrounding wine and the like in such simple terms that any and everyone will find value in Schnieder’s programmes, from amateurs to the seasoned drinker.

Interpreting Wine
Those who like to get into the gritty of wine education will be in love with Interpreting Wine, a podcast hosted by expert Lauren Francis. Episodes feature guests who come on the show to flesh out wines with the host. While the show can get a little technical, it does not seek to alienate the beginner. Interpreting Wine also has some engaging series you can follow, including one on sustainable wine production and another on sherry.

These shows can be found on Spotify or any podcast app that you listen to!