Cleaner Air With Cerafusion™ Technology

Cleaner Air With Cerafusion™ Technology The industry’s solutions into pollution, waste management, air cleaning and eliminating bacteria in the environment is slowly emerging and showcasing the best of what they can do. This time, MedKlinn is doing through the development of the Cerafusion™ Technology,  a leading edge-patented technology that’s designed to produce massive ions and controlled levels of ozone.

The Cerafusion™ Technology is developed as an eco-friendly technological platform that helps drive air sterilizing and ozone water applications in various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, food processing and other places.  Helping to eliminate airborne and surface-bound pollutants such as dust particles, unpleasant odours, mould, bacteria, viruses, germs , OCS and toxic gases. The result? A clean, fresh and healthy environment for those within the area to work, eat, play and produce.

It helps that the technology used is itself clean, and energy efficient. With minimal maintenance and low operation costs, it boasts the most bang for your buck when you purchase it, and the aftereffects cannot be disputed.

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