LAST CALL! Book Your Tickets to Dine on Great Filipino Food by Chef Michelle Adrillana at Nest!

LAST CALL! Book Your Tickets to Dine on Great Filipino Food by Chef Michelle Adrillana at Nest! Chef Michelle Adrillana has fingers in multiple pies of the F&B industry, including catering, events, food consultancy, content creation, cooking demonstrations with various embassies, consulates, brands and hotels, and cultural ambassadors. That was, of course, before Covid -19 showed up.

“Basically, 2020 had me taking all offers as I was too busy chasing after all our losses,” Chef Adrillana laments in an email interview with us. She details the irons in the forge she had in 2020, and how elements had to pivot in order to remain in business, including having to close down a private dining business in March, catering for wedding clients that saw money being refunded to their wedding clients, heavy deliveries for corporate accounts and long time loyal clients, and a television show with a well-known celebrity. This, of course, led to some consequences.

“I felt so drained come January 2021 as all I did was work, worry, and be always available and visible on social media platforms,” she writes. “It was excruciating, and I had bouts of anxiety and depression. When 2021 came, I thought if I was gonna live the same way I did in 2020, I might as well dig a grave for myself.” She had to take a step back and ponder on what truly mattered and what she had wanted to do in her life, including a new understanding of food wastage and sustainability, less overstretching herself, and learning to live one day at a time “It’s made me become more understanding, patient, and compassionate.”

But how is she doing that, especially since she’s had to do so many things, including running a business, creating content for her social media platforms, and other aspects, especially during the last few years? “In the beginning, I tried to compartmentalize and that broke me,” she admits.” With social media making you history in nanoseconds due to so much overwhelming content, you’ve got to know and understand who are you and put your values on top of the hierarchy of things to be guided accordingly. You can’t target everybody like a convenience store - just focus on your market and tend to those who are loyal to you. Listen to what they want and need and fill that void - organic growth may move at a snail’s pace, but they will be your loyal advocates.”

In that same vein, Chef Adrillana doesn’t call herself a boss, as to her, a boss is somebody who funds the business and gives instructions to everybody while waiting for the money to come. “I am a leader: I will not ask you to do anything that I can’t do with my bare hands even if it’s dirty work - unless of course, it’s killing a cockroach pretending to be a butterfly; that my friend is another story, “she quips.

“Being a leader means finding your passion and igniting others' flame that you may not only transfer knowledge but leave a legacy for others too. A boss is someone who reprimands and stays in the office while waiting for feedback, a leader is someone who works with you and shows you how it’s done.”

The fiery chef with an equally fiery personality is visiting Singapore as an International MasterChef in conjunction with the World Gourmet Summit! 

Hosted at the Nest at One Farrer Hotel, let yourself be pampered in the villas of One Farrer Hotel while Chef Adrillana serves up the best of what Filipino cuisine has to offer, with menus that tantalise and titillate. These menus are made in collaboration with Chef Marcus Tan, Executive Chef of One Farrer Hotel Singapore, and her arrival will include two big events that will take place in the hotel, including a 4 hands dinner with Chef Adrillana and Chef Tan, and MasterChef Dining Delights which will run for 3 days for lunch and dinner.

What’s more? Enjoy her wonderous offerings with Portuguese wines as paired by Portuguese retail space and restaurant TUGA Singapore, all of which are meant to elevate the best of Filipino food.  

Chef Adrillana will be making her way to Singapore next week from 10th of August to the 13th of August, so book your tickets today!

Experience the Filipino Food and Culture with MasterChef Michelle Adrillana and Executive Chef Marcus Tan from One Farrer Hotel

Venue                  : Nest at One Farrer Hotel
Date & Time       : 10th August 2022 | 7pm – 11pm
Price                     : $168++ per pax
MasterChef Dining Delights featuring Michelle Adrillana

Venue                  : Nest at One Farrer Hotel
Date & Time       : 11th – 13th August 2022 | Daily – Lunch & Dinner service
Price                     : $168++ per pax (Dinner – Without wine pairing)