Fall In Love with Firangi Superstar – A Modern Take on Indian Cuisine!  

Fall In Love with Firangi Superstar – A Modern Take on Indian Cuisine!
  Firangi Superstar is an ode to India that delivers an unrivalled dining experience.
Co-owners Rohit Roopchand and Michael Goodman penned a "whimsical love letter" from the perspective of a firangi, meaning foreigner, with rose-tinted spectacles. As a result, they've created a magical, movie-set-like setting filled with everything they love about the Indian culture.
The restaurant's décor combines modernism with fantasy to create a cinematic trip. Each of the four dining rooms has been constructed to imitate a movie scene, giving guests a sense of travelling to India.
What’s new at Firangi Superstar? A vegetarian menu worth exploring! Expect a playful array of fresh dishes helmed by head chef Thiru Gunaskaran. The food is a stunning rendition of Indian cuisine, just like the decor.
A variety of beverages with an Indian flavour are available on the excellent cocktails and drinks menu. Cocktails like Saffron Vodka Sour and Chai Masala Milk Punch are a must-try!
Who could say no to delectable Indian cuisine in a surreal setting? Don’t miss out and head to Firangi Superstar and embark on this gastronomic journey!
For reservations, visit https://www.firangisuperstar.com/reservations
20 Craig Rd, #01-03, Singapore 089692