The Breakthrough Oven with Merrychef conneX®

The Breakthrough Oven with Merrychef conneX® Welbilt has done it again with the Merrychef conneX®, set to transform the high-speed oven sector with a new platform that delivers speeds up to 80% faster than other cooking methods.

 Mr Colin Lacey, VP and Managing Director of Merrychef was delighted to announce the revolutionary new range, the conneX® 12 and conneX® 16, considered breakthrough products, are the quietest, fastest, and most connected ovens Merrychef has ever developed.
“Merrychef has been delivering market-leading performance and reliability for over 70 years and with conneX® it has just taken yet another huge step forward,” says Mr Lacey, noting that the new range addresses the sector demands for space, speed and ease of use. “The game-changing connectivity sets conneX® apart from any other equipment. Connectivity has become a real driver for the industry, and for multi-site operators, uploading menus can now be done at the touch of a button. Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity come as standard, as does a 12-month free subscription to the powerful and market-leading Welbilt KitchenConnect® ecosystem, which allows customers to continuously monitor the performance of their ovens and update menus remotely, among many other features. Easy and quick to install, the new range takes high-speed ovens to the next level.”

Merrychef conneX® models also boast an incredibly intuitive operating screen – a 7” HD glossy controller that utilises the language of mobile phones, making this image-based touchscreen the easiest to use, and ensuring training new staff to use conneX® is quick and easy. Ventless, compact and with cool to touch sides, the ovens will slide effortlessly into small spaces and operate quietly, suiting front-of-house positions. Easy to install, with energy-saving efficiencies, standard power units operate off a 13-amp plug, with quick pre-heat and cool down times and reduced energy in standby. 
Think of the new conneX® range as the next gadget you'll need for your commercial kitchen. “If you can use a mobile phone, you can use these ovens,” says Mr Steve Hemsil, Sales Director, UK & Ireland.  And indeed, their step-by-step images and intuitive software do the hard work for you, consistently turning out the same great quality of food. The other exciting feature is the customisation it offers. The oven can be changed to suit your operation, whether it be language, schedules, amend screensavers or even operating sounds. The ease of cleaning has also been tended to, with a focus on on-oven pictorial instructions and the ability for operators to customise the option to create a log of cleaning times and dates, as well as the initials of who cleaned it.”

The new Merrychef conneX® range features two high speed ovens, the conneX® 12, available in standard or high-power versions and boasting a 12” cavity in a 14” width oven and the conneX® 16 with its revolutionary 16” cavity in an 18” width oven – the smallest footprint to cavity ratio available.

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