Lobsters and Crabs Inc

Lobsters and Crabs Inc What goes into great fishing? Food Export Northeast US wants members of Southeast Asia to understand this. Holding a webinar via zoom, members of the media got to understand and learn more about the trade of American Lobster and Jonah Crabs within the US, and discuss the catching of lobsters and crabs in America.

Facts learnt about the trade include learning the main catching months of American lobsters (May–December of each year, there is minimal harvesting and shipping during the winter months due to high winds, snow, and freezing temperatures), sustainable methods that fishermen are using to catch and harvest lobsters, and cost prices.

The team at Food Export Northeast US also took the time to explain and introduce the Jonah Crab, a type of cold water crab that is currently unavailable outside of the US, and one which the team is currently exploring how to export outside of the US.