Getting a Grillin' At Orchard Alfresco Bar & Grill!

Getting a Grillin' At Orchard Alfresco Bar & Grill! Orchard Hotel's latest dining concept is The Orchard Alfresco Bar & Grill, featuring a tantalising spread of perfectly seasoned BBQ seafood & meat platters and favourite side dishes such as Kimichi Pancake, Japchae, Korean Fried Chicken Wings, Stewed Whole Ginseng Chicken. It's a way for you to immerse yourself in the flavours of Japan and Korea when you are unable to go overseas to enjoy them.  

For diners who want a bit of everything, the Alfresco Bar & Grill has various platters including the Seafood Platter that consist of Prawn, Baby Octopus, Slipper Lobster and Salmon, and the succulent Beef Platter comprising of Beef Slices, Rib-Eye Steak, New Zealand Striploin and Japanese Premium Wagyu. Another highlight is the Pork Belly Platter, featuring Chef’s own mix of four different flavours - Asian Scallion, Japanese Yuzu, Korean Paste and Thai Pineapple.

The Orchard Alfresco Bar & Grill also offering other great dishes that could act as accompanionment to the Korean BBQ dishes: Kimchi Pancakes, savory stir fried Japchae, and Stewed Ginseng Chicken Soup.

Also, get refreshing drinks like Beergaritas and rounds of Soju and Korean Beers while cooking well-seasoned meat over the smokeless charcoal grill. These Beergaritas that you would try include Descendants of The Sun (Mango, Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Thyme, Tiger Crystal Beer) and Crash Landing On You (Lime, Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Sugar, Tiger Crystal Beer). If not, dine on desserts including Chilled Melon Ball marinated with Yuzu Syrup, Lime Zest and Mint Leaves, Matcha Ice Cream with Azuki Bean and Soy Powder, Red Ruby with Sago and Coconut Malibu Syrup, and more.

Save up to 33% when you order platters of seafood, chicken, pork or beef, and as a Launch Special, get 50% OFF for every second platter of signature pork belly!