Keto Healthy This April with Gourmei by Ketomei!

Keto Healthy This April with Gourmei by Ketomei! Gourmei by Ketomei is Singapore’s first online ketogenic fine dining service. Founded by former tech entrepreneur and advocate of the ketogenic lifestyle, Constant Tong, this new concept hopes to spread the love for keto through an eclectic blend of food styles and cuisines. From daily meal service to keto-friendly snacks, Gourmei by Ketomei seeks a fresh, new take on fine dining, while ensuring an unwavering high-end experience.
A Novel Blend of Fine Dining Experiences and Healthy Food Concepts

Fine dining experiences have always had a certain ‘image’ attached to them: exceptional restaurant service, top-notch atmosphere, a curated gourmet menu, along with excellent food and presentation. On the other hand, healthy diets have generally been associated with low carb meals, clean salads,  counting calories, and time-consuming meal preps. Introducing an innovative spin to the two, Gourmei by Ketomei enables diet-conscious consumers to savour a fuss-free, high-end private home dining experience, while not compromising on the enjoyment of the food.
Being low in carbohydrates and sugar, Gourmei’s keto fine dining options allow you to eat like a king without having to worry about your weight. According to Constant, an avid practitioner of the ketogenic lifestyle, the keto diet has helped him to shed his belly fat and feel even more energised than when he was in his 30s.
“I wanted to create a fine dining concept that offers delicious meals with a more exquisite taste, yet remaining keto-compliant. Keto food is always seen as diet food, but in fact, Keto food is just REAL food that is nutritious and delicious. While there are many fine dining restaurants in Singapore, there is a serious lack of keto or low-carb options. It inspired me to design a space for people to enjoy delightful food while feeling great about their bodies after the meal,” Constant shared. 

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