Making Gold Out of A Hay (Steak)

Making Gold Out of A Hay (Steak) Some places are finding innovative ways to stay busy and in business during the Covid-19. Mr Jack Studiale, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was worried about laying off all of the employees at Tropical Acres Steakhouse – some of whom have worked at the restaurant for 40 years.

Instead, Mr Studiale has decide to sell specific cuts of meat directly to the public. Offering cuts of beef, chicken, salmon, and mahi-mahi, as well as fresh produce items like lemons and tomatoes, it has helped supplement business so well that that he’s been able to keep all of his staff, even though he’s selling the food at discounted rates.

“We’re supplementing their pay as well, just so that they’re making as much or close to what they were making before this crisis,” Studiale told Business Insider Today.

It’s clearly a great feel-good story during these times of crisis, and we hope that more restaurants can do the same and find new, creative ways to sell their food, good produce and skills to the public!

Image credit: Business Insider