The Vegetarian Butcher Launching in The Social Kitchen

The Vegetarian Butcher Launching in The Social Kitchen Singapore currently leads the Asian market in terms of plant-based food consumption, with two in five Singaporeans currently embracing a flexitarian diet and consuming less meat. This makes us the second most vegan-friendly country in Singapore.

Thus, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) is bringing internationally renowned meat-substitute brand The Vegetarian Butcher to our sunny shores. Made for meat lovers by meat lovers, The Vegetarian Butcher’s high-quality, accessible and versatile plant-based meat alternatives are sure to suit a wide range of consumers.
On its decision to break into the Singaporean market, Managing Director, UFS, Singapore and Malaysia, Ivan Lu says, “At UFS, we’ve always been keen on supporting chefs in kitchens around the world with our delicious and easy-to-use products, as well as inspiring them with our range of delectable recipes. Launching The Vegetarian Butcher in Singapore allows chefs to do exactly this while marrying the mouthwatering flavours of the country’s many local cuisines together with the benefits of plant-based meat alternatives.” 

Founder of The Vegetarian Butcher Jaap Korteweg is a ninth-generation farmer  who went vegetarian despite the fact that he missed the taste. With his team he created the new meat, made in a way no animals needed to be harmed. Supported by culinary experts and top chefs, he crafted each product with a true love meat – tasty, juicy and as nutritious as possible. 
Soy, lupine, and vegetables grown on Dutch soil are the star ingredients in The Vegetarian Butcher’s products. Not only does this free animals from the food chain, but it also makes for a smaller carbon footprint when compared to traditional meat farming. Today, his new meat is sold in over 30 countries and at 20,000 retail outlets across the world.
The Vegetarian Butcher is currently launched at The Social Kitchen, a restaurant that provides employment to disadvantaged individuals and the brand holds environmental sustainability close to its heart. This will be the first place in Singapore where consumers can sample dishes made with The Vegetarian Butcher’s delectable products for themselves. 
Powered by The Vegetarian Butcher, TSK’s menu includes a versatile selection of Western and Asian dishes, such as NoChicken Truffle Alfredo pasta; NoBeef Rendang Shepherd’s Pie; NoChicken Nuggets in Thai Sauce; and a NoBeef Burger with Crispy Onions. 

On this complementary partnership, Co-Founder of The Social Kitchen Pte Ltd, Alvin Yapp says, “We’re thrilled about our partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher to offer The Social Kitchen’s first 100% plant-based meat concept outlet. We hope that through this partnership, consumers will be able to tuck into delicious food that’s good for them and do good for the wider community too, especially as The Social Kitchen continues to provide employment for persons with special needs and support the disadvantaged communities.”
Currently available in Singapore are the NoBeef Burger, NoChicken Burger, NoChicken Nuggets, NoChicken Chunks and NoMeatballs. Plant-based meat sausages and plant-based meat mince are expected to be available in Singapore from the first quarter of 2021.
For more information, please visit the Unilever Food Solutions Singapore website and The Vegetarian Butcher website