Say Cheese WIth Opio and Punjab Grill

Say Cheese WIth Opio and Punjab Grill The USA Cheese Guild, in collaboration with the World Gourmet Summit, recently collaborated with two local restaurants: OPIO Kitchen+ Bar (specialising in Modern Asian cuisine), and Punjab Grill (featuring Indian cuisine from different regions of India)  to present a two week promotion of U.S. Cheese and the multitude of uses in specific menus that showcase how versatile, rich and flavourful these cheeses can be when paired with certain ingredients.

The two restaurants have launched their menus to the public and so far, the menus have been widely received by the public who have raved about how these cheeses paired well with the cuisines that OPIO and Punjab Grill champion. With continuing global award recognition and broadened distribution, markets worldwide are discovering the quality of U.S. cheese, and chefs from all over the world, especially in Singapore, are beginning to explore the possibilities of using U.S. Cheese in their dishes.  It helps that both restaurants are fans of the products in question, which include U.S. Buratta, U.S. Monterey Jack, and U.S. Pepper Jack Cheese.

Managing Director of Blue Lotus Concepts and OPIO Kitche + Bar Ricky Ng cites that USA cheese was chosen because like the cuisine in OPIO, they wish to explore the versatility and creativity that works with the USA cheese. “In most Western-styled restaurants, “ he explains. “Cheese is a very common ingredient in cooking, while OPIO is more into Asian fusion. There’s a need to do a lot of R&D to master the process and we are glad to have USA cheese on board to guide us and my kitchen team to create a special menu for our promotion.” His advice to those looking to explore USA cheese? “Don’t stop trying.”

The promotions for the two restaurants will run for two weeks each, with OPIO Kitchen + Bar running till 31 December 2020, and Punjab Grill till 27 December 2020.