A Gouda Time with François Robin and Home of Cheese

A Gouda Time with François Robin and Home of Cheese image credits: François Robin

 “ Kaya + Blue cheese?” was the refrain often repeated on Tuesday’s Instagram live from @homeofcheese_sg, hosted by award-winning cheese monger François Robin from his home in France. And it’s understandable: Mr Robin made interesting combinations for his cheese pairings to go with local favourites such kaya, dried pineapple and mangoes, and vegetables like coriander and spring onions.

While hosting the live session from his home in France, Mr Robin took time to arrange, explain and showcase his cheeseboard with cheeses, while influencers at home followed his instructions, asked questions, and created cheese boards with cheeses as supplied by The Home of Cheese group. Cheeses like Époisses, Bluee Cheese, Camembert, Triple Crème, Mimolette  and Emmental were used, and guests got to taste the different cheeses and the variety of flavours, getting tips on how they too can do the same at home.