Welbilt Supports The World Gourmet Awards!

Welbilt Supports The World Gourmet Awards! Welbilt has always been a huge supporter of the culinary talents and chefs in Singapore,  including sponsoring the award for the World Gourmet Awards’ Rising Female Chef award for the fourth year. It’s a tradition that Welbilt has always taken part in, and this year, they’ve extended their support to two other awards: New Restaurant of the Year 2022 award and the Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year 2022.

“At Welbilt, we are so proud to work closely with all this incredible talent and help uplift and present their achievements to the world,” says Mr Leonard Lam, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Welbilt Inc., in a congratulatory post placed on LinkedIn. The man, representing Welbilt at the World Gourmet Summit, was there to congratulate and present the three respective awards to all three recipients this year. “A sincere congratulations to all the winners of this year’s World Gourmet Awards!!”

The recipients of all three awards, who included Chef Nadine Tay of Habibisan (Rising Female Chef of the Year), Chef Edward Chong of Peach Blossoms at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore, and Dopo Teatro Ristorante & Bar, of Creative Eateries (New Restaurant of the Year 2022), were awarded the prizes at the World Gourmet Awards Ceremony Presentation, held at the One Farrer Hotel & Spa on Monday, 9 May 2022.  

This is, as always, a continuing rush of support from the team at Welbilt and sister company, Fabristeel, both of which have supported the World Gourmet Summit through the years. Mr Lam and his team at Welbilt, in particular, cites that hard work and belief was a part of being able to do anything. “For an industry that has faced a turbulent few years, it is our self-belief and perseverance that have pushed us through the challenges. As a community, we have echoed my parents’ sentiments and shown them to be true - We CAN do anything!”