Food Capital Unveils Local Savoury & Sweet Delights

Food Capital Unveils Local Savoury & Sweet Delights Locals and tourists can now partake in an authentic local dining experience when they visit Food Capital. Starting on 13th March 2020, Executive Chef of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Jackie Zhang is introducing local delights such as laksa, popiah and grilled specialties like beef at mutton satay now available for both lunch and dinner at Food Capital!

For dessert, there are also familiar flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth, from jelly with nata de coco to kuehs and ice kachang! All of these dishes are also made using less oil, less salt and less sugar – all part of Chef Zhang’s belief that healthy eating can still be delicious.

Photo Credits: Cuisine & Wine Asia

These new specialty dishes from the buffet will introduce tourists to our local cuisine, as well as allow local diners to savour comfort once again. The food is also prepared on the spot, so there is no compromise in its freshness and quality.

For reservations, please call (65) 6233 1100 or email