Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

by Ruby Wong @ 30 Jun 2017
Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant With the large number of seafood restaurants in Singapore, it may be surprising to know that there are some that have withstood the test of time. Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant has been getting along swimmingly since its inception in 1956.

The restaurant tries its best to promote the best of Singapore seafood. That means the most ingredients are locally or regionally sourced. The owner and managing director, Han Jin Juan, came up with the original menu with only about 10 dishes. Now, there are over 100 dishes. Han travels frequently to research and constantly update himself on the latest trends as well as to develop the menu.

The kitchen is thus left to Executive Chef Wong Ah Kun who has been at the helm at for the past 17 years. Under his watchful eye, the recipes have remained consistent in quality over the years and many are classics that have remained unchanged since 1956. Sri Lankan crabs are prepared in several ways here but the most popular crab sauce is tomato based and uses less egg batter so that it is not so spicy and is lighter. The same goes for the black pepper crab, which is savoury and packed with flavor and served with rich black sauce that is finger-licking good. The black sauce prawns are prepared with a secret blend of black sauce that is caramelized with honey to sweeten and balance the strong flavor.

Several of the newer dishes have gone on to become award-winning signatures as well. Served in a small bowl, the king prawn with vermicelli in superior stock features a light broth. The prawn is briefly deep-fried and then simmered in the broth to lock in its flavours and give it a char-grilled taste.

As for the honey tangy fish, it was inspired by a cuttlefish recipe found during a research trip. The fish has a crispy skin and chilli sauce, lime, shallots and a sprinkling of sesame seeds to give it a sweet and sour flavor.

When asked about the secret of longevity, Chef Wong explained that they keep their recipes consistent and do not compromise on food quality. For example, the restaurant has a mystery dinin programme to do random checks.

With three generations of customers to please, Han and Chef Wong pay attention to worldwide food trends, adapting the ingredients to suit local taste buds. While regulars will return for a taste of their childhood and heritage, they are also excited by new creations. RW