Dragon Boat Festival With Dumplings for Everyone!

Dragon Boat Festival With Dumplings for Everyone! Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

For the Dragon Boat Festival or Duan Wu Jie, Mitzo Restaurant & Bar’s rice dumplings are bundled with bold and festive flavours. From the popular-favourite Kurobuta Pork Nonya Rice Dumpling ($15) which makes a return this year, to the more contemporary options; #PlantForward Truffle Multigrain Rice Dumpling ($13) and Savoury Quinoa Rice Dumpling ($15). Sold individually and in a bundle of 4 in a gift box for $50. Available from 17 May to 14 June.

PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road's Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival with a rice dumpling bundle packed with luxurious goodness! Try the Traditional Cantonese Brown Rice and Wagyu Beef dumpling, made with tender Wagyu Beef, brown and glutinous rice, and green beans, inspired by the Year of the Ox! 
Also try the Traditional Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Goose Liver Sauce, which stands out just for the sheer size of the dumpling: and the Chilled Sago Dumpling with Purple Potato, Red Bean and Lychee, the prettiest and sweetest of the dumpling bundle!Available from 17 May to 14 June 2021. 

藝 yì by Jereme Leung

Delight in a harmonious blend of traditional and unique flavours and ingredients as MasterChef Jereme Leung unveils his new collection of delectable rice dumpling creations this season at . Expertly crafted with a blend of traditional and unique ingredients, flavours include the the rice dumplings are now available for pre-order on Raffles Grab & Go and will be available from 1 to 14 June for delivery or self-collection. From now until 31 May, guests will also enjoy a 20% early bird discount on their online orders.