World Dream Asia Pacific's First Muslim- Friendly Cruise Ship!

World Dream Asia Pacific's First Muslim- Friendly Cruise Ship! Set sail on the World Dream this Ramadan and receive the comfort and convenience of celebrating the holy month on board a boat around a cruise ship! Enjoy the halal cuisine, a spa session or even some of the fun family-run activities in store during the holiday season!

“We are serving local food, such as fish curry, and traditional fare that passengers like with sambal, sambal belachan. Nasi briyani, nasi tomato are also a part of the lineup and we also have grilled lamb with assam, dishes available around the ASEAN region, but with a halal twist,” says Chef Md Nasir Bin Hamid. “The menu is changed every month and the chef cycles through regional sauces that are popular to the region. We prepare halal food, and have specific kitchens that cater solely for the halal audience, that do not mix with other kitchen outlets on the boat. “We’re the first halal-friendly cruise ship, with halal buffet, and our facilities are certified halal under OIC, and SMIIC.”  Room service for diners observing Sahur and Iftar can have meals delivered to their cabin room door daily during the cruise time period.

The facilities have also been converted to befit the Muslim crowd, including prayer rooms for different genders, Ramadan prayer sessions with the Imam up to 5 times a day as well as a 30 minutes spiritual lecture post Terawih prayer.

Book to set sail 11th April to 9 May 2021 and be in time to set sail for the Ramadan programme by getting online here!