Niçoise salad with haricot vert &sesame soy dressing

by Darinee Durai @ 02 Sep 2016
Niçoise salad with haricot vert &sesame soy dressing niçoise salad with haricot vert &
sesame soy dressing
By Chef Spencer Yap
480g       yellow fin tuna loin, sliced
240g       haricot vert, trimmed and blanched
12            cherry tomatoes, halved
9              quail eggs, hard-boiled and halved
3              baby potatoes, cooked and cubed
240g       argula
18            kalamata olives
12            pickled anchovies
12g         chives
Sesame Soy Dressing
15g         sesame seeds, toasted
30ml        (each) sesame oil, soy sauce, and extra virgin olive oil
20ml        balsamic vinegar
•     For the sesame soy dressing: Place the toasted sesame seeds into a mixing bowl. Gradually add in all the liquids and whisk until emulsified. Set aside.
•     Place the sliced yellow fin tuna loin, blanched haricot vert, halved cherry tomatoes and hard-boiled quail eggs and cubed baby potatoes onto each serving plate and top with arugula, kalamata olives, pickled anchovies,  and chives.  Drizzle with sesame soy
dressing. Serves 6