The Subway Nemesis

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
The Subway Nemesis The Subway chain is not only popular in the country of origin, but is also a popular fast food sandwich franchise in Singapore. Seeing how Subway has been so successful, Quiznos is looking to branching out its business following its successes in Mexico, Russia and UAE, to bringing the establishment into Indonesia. Both Quiznos and Subway offer a wide selection of sandwiches with the freedom of choice over the bread to be used, and the fillings, to the consumers. With full confidence in its business, the Quiznos group plans to open a hundred units in Indonesia over the next 10 years. Not too sure if they are over complacent or too optimistic with the numbers, but we will keep a lookout on how far Quiznos will go and certainly hope that business will prosper for them. More sandwich selections will only benefit us!