Technologically Advanced Disneyland China, Shanghai

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
Technologically Advanced Disneyland China, Shanghai A 3D showroom to welcome you and an electronic wristband as admission pass, these are things you can look forward to when the Disney resort opens in Shanghai in 2015. This Disney resort will be the most unique amongst all Disney resorts with a cutting edge technology as well as the designs of the park, catered to the Chinese audience. There will be a couple of new ride systems for the park and a new concept especially with the lack of knowledge on most Disney characters other than the big names like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, known to the China market. Disney has also recognised the importance of food to the Chinese consumers and will look into food tastings to get a better understanding of their diet expectations to be able to keep them in the park and to better retain returning consumers. They will be looking at a variety of flavours to represent different cuisines of China, especially food from different provinces.