Bellbrook Inspired Restaurant By Laris

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
Bellbrook Inspired Restaurant By Laris Chef David Laris has only opened his first Hong Kong restaurant for barely a year, and if you were to step into Laris, you would not be able to recognize it. The fine dining establishment has removed the white tablecloths in exchange for recycled paper and crayons, and with the conventional black leather seats replaced with funky bar stools and high tables. With the food inspired by Bellbrook, Laris’ hometown, look out for some Australian cuisine in this welcoming and casual dining bistro. Some of the dishes to look out for include Australia’s very own, kangaroo loin, scotch egg (for something different as an alternative to eggs benedict), the burrata salad but perhaps with a little lesser on the burrata to lighten things up especially for a salad. Not to mention, the flank steak grilled slightly charred on the inside while leaving the inside medium rare to perfection that is soft and succulent.