Artisan Boulangerie Company

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
Artisan Boulangerie Company We have finally met up with Chef Eran Mayer, the mastermind behind this simple and yet homey bakery at Killiney Road. When you make your way to the door, you might think that you are entering into a high end restaurant, but when you make your way in, you will be welcomed by the chef’s table and a sense of belonging like you are home. The lightings are mellow for the eyes, with the limelight on the pastry case. We had a good chat with Chef Mayer on his bakery concept and why he decided to open up his bakery in Singapore after years of baking in Paris. He mentioned that his ‘babies’ are the product of sweat, butter and flour from France, and with lots of love and passion in baking. Spending hours before the opening hours to bake fresh baguettes and breads for his branches, he would take the time out to accompany his lovely wife and adorable daughters. We have had the luck of trying some of his creations for example the baguette, mesli bread (good for breakfast with all the vitamins needed and a small slice of it sufficient to sustain your stomach), multigrain rye bread (which you can hardly find in Singapore unless from French boulangerie), croissant (to die for with that buttery taste and soft insides but crispy crust), and not to mention some of the tarts, as well as the lava cake. We were impressed with the technique on making the lava cake where warming is not required before serving even though they are placed at the pastry case for some time. It is still oozing goodness from that little pastry. Drop by abc today for a little afternoon tea or even a meal.