The Hong Kong Sandwich

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
The Hong Kong Sandwich Sandwich is a common finding on most Hong Kong citizen’s breakfast platter with its ease of carrying whilst travelling to work and something that is sufficient to fill their stomachs. However, with sandwiches looking the same, shops are looking into variations of these breads to attract their consumers. Unlike what we have at subway, these sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes. The first: the Italian way of making sandwiches. The most famous of all Italian sandwiches would be the Panini. With the bread toasted and loaded with ingredients using the ‘Rule of 7’ like 70 grams of sliced meat etc, Panino Giusto offers an eclectic selection of Panini with white truffle oil drizzled over one of the sandwiches. The second: the French way. Opened at Wan Chai, La Rotisserie served their sandwiches within a few minutes, a little like the subway method but served with the famed French bread, baguette. Also, a twist in the usual croquet monsieur with chicken added. The Chinese way from Little Bao, serving hamburgers but with Asian fillings in the middle layers. Just imagine having a pau but replaced with the buns of burgers. They are serving hamburgers for dessert as well. Surprisingly, ice cream burgers instead of ice cream sandwiches. Would it taste like the ice cream breads that we find from motorcycles ice cream sellers?