Get The Insights Of Holycow!

by Clover Ng @ 15 Nov 2013
Get The Insights Of Holycow! Although the steakhouse began its operations in March 2010, Chef Afit Dwi Purwanto took some time to get the business up and running. With the help of his wife, Lucy Wiryono, the Holycow! brand has built its name up through the social media. The manager-turned-chef has a strong passion for cooking with the influence of his mother’s delicious recipes. With no prior proper education in the culinary industry, Chef Purwanto picked up the requisite skills through his own efforts. He was a manager at RCTI before he embarked on the dream of owning a business. Chef Purwanto had his million dollar idea while meeting one of his clients at a high-end steakhouse. He had his first bite of wagyu then and because of the steep price of wagyu steak, Chef Purwanto decided on the marketing strategy of serving wagyu at an affordable price and with the help of social media to cut on costs, they were able to maintain the overheads as well as build up a good rapport with their diners.