The Story Of The Three Little Pigs

by Clover Ng @ 12 Nov 2013
The Story Of The Three Little Pigs We grew up listening to the story of the three little pigs where the wolf tried his best in trying to eat them by huffing and puffing their houses. This Wolf (restaurant title), has gotten its pigs afterall. The first to open up this concept in Singapore, WOLF offers a nose to tail dining, where diners can enjoy every part of a pig. Located at 18 Gemmill Lane, this restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday, available for lunch and dinner. Helmed by Chef Alysia Chan, she will display a range of texture and combinations to accentuate the flavor of each dish. WOLF’s menu will also showcase other cuts like beef, poultry, fish, and vegetables for those who are looking for something light. This will be a gourmet adventure for those who have not ventured into that many parts of a pig before.