Launch Of The Green Velvet

by Clover Ng @ 12 Nov 2013
Launch Of The Green Velvet Making its debut at 83 Club Street on 29th October, we have seen the launch of a traditional Swiss premium Absinthe. If you are good liquor drinker, then this should be the green drink for you. The Green Velvet has its origin in Val-de-Travers and has an individual taste derived from the local herbs and fresh spring water of the Jura Mountains for a new taste experience you will never forget. Introducing the Green Velvet VAL. 275 La Bleue (although not the green drink), is as clear as the purest spring water and is smooth with a subtle hint of licorice. The green drink to look out for is the Green Velvet VAL. 340 Fee Verte with aniseed, fennel and a dash of lemon balm that will softly melt in the mouth.