The Chop House With A Cleaver Straight To Your Delight

by Clover Ng @ 12 Nov 2013
The Chop House With A Cleaver Straight To Your Delight A restaurant brought to you by the Wooloomooloo Group, is the first in Asia and first in Singapore to introduce the state-of-the-art SelfTap Beer concept from USA with a uniquely designed cold keg room for its drafts, all the way to Singapore. This SelfTap Beer concept is good for those who are there for enjoyment but afraid of over drinking or wasting beers when they order a pint. Diners will be using a card to slot into any of the 9 SelfTap Beers booth to activate the system and to fill their cups with any amount of beer they wish, chargeable on the card by per milliliters. The cold kegs are equipped with special sensors to detect the beers leftover and will automatically switch to another keg when it is almost empty. This way, customers will not be required to wait for a bartender to attend to them just for another cup of drink or for that few milliliters more. If you are not a beer person, check out their cocktails as well. They have some cocktail mixes that will leave you wondering what it is and be prepared to be surprised when you drink it. We were invited to try some of their recommended dishes and they were delicious. Mussel soup for starters to lift your palate, which is unique when what you will usually get from a restaurant is clam chowder soup. It gives a different texture and yet tastes almost similar with the freshness of the seafood. The quesadillas were served as an appetizer to keep the hungry customers patient and indeed, diners will indulge in these light bites, especially topped with one of our favourite sauce amongst 3 sauces; guacamole. If you are going in groups and you are all so hungry that you can swallow a cow down, then try the 4kg Beef Shank Lollipop. This ‘lollipop’ will fill your appetite with its succulent juices dipped in a delectable brown sauce. Also not to be missed the handmade burgers and the grilled selections. What is worth the talk is the sauces that The Chop House produces right from their very own kitchen, served with almost all the dishes on the menu. The sauces are so good that we wanted to check with the restaurant if we could buy them for our own consumption.