Kuala Lumpur’s Pietro Ristorante Adding A Flair Of Asian

by Clover Ng @ 12 Nov 2013
Kuala Lumpur’s Pietro Ristorante Adding A Flair Of Asian Although not a new establishment, Pietro Ristorante Italiano will be the first to come across minds when on a conversation of Italian cuisine. The restaurant is two storeys high and is filled with the tentalizing scent of freshly brewed coffee, complemented with soft music in the background bringing you to a little village in Italy. This Italian restaurant has introduced a new menu which serves not only Italian food, but due to the culture and tourists as well as residences around the area, the restaurant has also added in Asian inspired dishes. Now everyone in a family will get to enjoy what they hope to eat most, all in one place. Head Chef Juwahir Mustafa has also created his own recipe of chili padi paste with olive oil, tossed with pasta, giving the all-time Italian cuisine an Asian infusion. Patrons are also advised to make their own requests to the chef so that he can better tailor the dishes to suit each and every one of his diners.