Tajima Wagyu By Andrews Meat

by Clover Ng @ 12 Nov 2013
Tajima Wagyu By Andrews Meat Introduced through a friendly dinner organized by Indoguna held at W Hotel’s SKIRT, we were introduced to the Tajima Wagyu exporter by Andrews Meat and prepared by the SKIRT team before our very own eyes in their open kitchen. Some may try to avoid the smoke coming from the grill, but it is that, that gives you the feeling of being in the process of enjoying beef. Wagyu is renowned for its tenderness, distinctive marbling and flavor, and is probably the highest quality beef in the world. Tajima is the most prominent of all Wagyu bloodlines. These black cattle have larger forequarters and lighter hindquarters from a history of carts pulling and plough and are of excellent meat quality with large eye muscle and superior marbling. They are even thought to be ideal for the production of F1 cattle! What is good about Andrews Meat and their Tajima Wagyu is that they are grain fed for a minimum of 500 days to give that extra flavor, is halal approved, and is produced under the Japanese Food Safety program, JASS, with full traceability to ensure that they are really strict in quality and assurance protocols, free from hormone and antibiotic.