Quisine with Qatar Airways

by CWA @ 11 Oct 2019
Quisine with Qatar Airways The new Quisine menu – meant for passengers travelling Economy Class with Qatar Airways, is boasting bigger food portions made with fresh, local and seasonal produce to be presented in more sustainable tray items.

This onboard dining experience will also be made with premium ingredients typically only served in premium cabin, and inclue Godiva chocolate, individual bottled water, sparkling wine and a myriad of cocktail choices.

Singapore chicken rice, vanilla panna cotta with mango sauce and butter crumble, barley and pomegranate salad is now available at Quisine.

The menu showcases many local dishes, for example, nasi lemak, chicken rice, biryani, roti prate and curry. A pre-dinner drinks option is also now served on flights of more than five hours, with sparkling wine and cocktail snacks available prior to the main meal being served.

With its commitment to the environment, there is a significant reduction of single-use plastics, with an 80 percent increase in recyclable and biodegradable products being used.

Mr. Justin Kestel, the Country Manager of Qatar Airways for Singapore said, “Our new onboard dining experience has been designed to further enhance our Economy Class. We know Singaporeans love their food, and we’re confident our larger portions packed with seasonal fresh produce and a pre-dinner drinks will be a popular addition to the in-flight service”.