What’s in Angie’s Vegan Pantry?

by CWA @ 04 Oct 2019
What’s in Angie’s Vegan Pantry? Sometimes, meat alternatives isn’t just relegated to plant-based meats or mushrooms. For this reason Angie’s Vegan Pantry has supplied 3 different types of fresh, delicious, GMO-free tempeh with the challenge of creating healthy, vegetarian-friendly dishes outside of the typical nasi padang or Indonesian cuisine. Chef Benny Lim of KOMYUNITI offers a recipe where you can easily try at home, a dessert item that can be shared with people of all ages.

Teochew- Style Angie’s Vegan Pantry Adzuki Bean Tempeh with Caramel

By Chef Benny Lim, Head Chef, KOMYUNITI

300g     Angie’s Vegan Pantry adzuki bean tempeh, sliced
80g       potato starch
100g     pure honey
360g     fine sugar
              Vegetable oil, for frying
              Sea salt, for seasoning
              Edible flowers, for garnishing

Add sliced Angie’s Vegan Pantry adzuki bean tempeh into the food processor and blend for 2 minutes until it reaches a fine consistency. Remove from blender and place the blended tempeh into a mixing bowl. Add potato starch, honey, and sea salt to taste. Mix well. Take the mixture and mould it into rectangular bars, creating 5 in total. Place the portions in a pre-heated combi oven at 100°C and steam for 2-4 minutes. Set aside. In a non-stick pan, add fine sugar and gently melt the sugar down over low heat for 2-3 minutes. Once melted, pour the caramelised sugar in a bowl and dip the adzuki bean tempeh bars with caramelised sugar on all sides. Place the tempeh on a non-stick tray and let the sugar solidify over the adzuki bean tempeh for less than 1 minute. Garnish with edible flowers. Serves 4.

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