Hilltop Wonders

by WGS @ 08 Aug 2019
Hilltop Wonders In our Smoke Out BBQ at the Hilltop, you can enjoy that experience of eating in the hills. Get transported to a totally new world, a bird’s eye view of the city below,  all while surrounded by the lush greenery of the jungle foliage. Proceed to Arbora Hilltop Dining, where someone will welcome you to your private oasis of heaven. Sit back with an ice cold drink in your hand, where you can pick between an array of drinks like Arctic Blue gin, Pederyn whiskey, Polish cider like Cydr Lubeski, and beer from 1925 Brewing Co.  Savour a taste of smoky barbecued meat, as provided by The Meat Club, or taste and indulge in excellence.
To book, please go to Chope and book your ticket for the 23rd of August. Price of entry is $128 nett per person.